Deploy Nodejs + Dynamo DB application at Heroku

I am sure you have seen N number of blogs, so far on this topic. However, in my recent attempts to deploy this application, I found couple of bottlenecks.

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I recommend you to read below mentioned blogs,
2. heroku docs

Assuming you have your code on git repository.

Make sure you change directory to root application

You will be prompted with username & password. Proceed to enter

(Linux/ Mac OSX) touch Procfile
Add this line to Procfile document web: node server.js

Open package.json in your application root directory. Add below lines at {scripts} section
“start”: “node server.js”
☞ : Make sure you have your server.js at {“main”} section

heroku create

git push heroku master

heroku apps admin dashboard in

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Restart your application to reflect the changes.


a) Don’t mention any fixed port in your node application

Happy exploration.

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