Easy integration PayTM SDK with React Native

PayTM well adapted payment gateway in India. Step by step guide for integration process.

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3 min readSep 11, 2022
paytm sdk integration with react-native

For developers biggest hustle especially while working with the Payment integrations is clear documentations. Payment system integration is a process, development of a step-by-step strategy is, probably, the first thing to do, because faulty sequence of integration steps can result in costly rollbacks and pointless loss of time and effort.

The common facts associated with every integration process are as follows:

  • You should pay careful attention to specifications, provided by the platform you are integrating with; potentially, get an integration specialist assigned to your project
  • You should be able to support all target payment types, currencies and geographies by the time integration is completed and certified
  • You should try to complete your integration fast, in order to have your solution up and running

So, it is, more or less, a compromise between speed, effort, and accuracy (the devil hides in the details, always!).

Top payment gateways in India : https://www.bankbazaar.com/credit-card/best-online-payment-gateways-in-india.html

PayTM well adapted payment gateway in India. PayTM payment gateway enable easy-integration with both mobile(native and hybrid) and web apps.

Today I will give a step by step walkthrough PayTM SDK Integration with ReactNative app development.

Step 1: Sign up for paytm business account

reference : paytm business account

Step 2: Initiate empty — react native project

yarn add paytm_allinone_react-native or npm

Step 3: Setup paytm-all-in-one-sdk usage step from the documentation

Ref: ReactNative PayTM SDK Initiate

Step 4 : Make call to Initiate Transaction API

To start transaction for native flow, merchant need to first call this api and this api will return the txn Token which will be used in all the other native APIs.

Ref: https://business.paytm.com/docs/api/initiate-transaction-api/?ref=payments

in successful response, will be getting
“txnToken”: “value”,

You need to pass this value to react-native startTransaction() as mentioned above in the image => Ref: ReactNative PayTM SDK Initiate

Step 5: Handle success response

startTransaction API will return the success response as below.


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