Files exchanging between AWS EC2 and your local machine

Copying files from local to EC2

scp -i /directory/to/abc.pem /your/local/file/to/copy

Ref: Screenshot from terminal

Note: You need to make sure that the user “user” has the permission to write in the target directory. In this example, if ~/path/to/file was created by user “user”, it should be fine.

Copying files from EC2 to local

scp -i /directory/to/abc.pem /your/local/directory/files/to/download

Reference: Screenshot from terminal

#Hack 1: While downloading file from EC2, download folder by archiving it.
zip -r /your/ec2/directory/

#Hack 2 : You can download all archived files from ec2 to just by below command.

scp -i /directory/to/abc.pem* /your/local/directory/files/to/download

Happy exploration.



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