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What is DbaaS(database as a service)?

“Database as a Service (DBaaS) offers organizations accelerated deployment, elastic capacity, greater consolidation efficiency, higher availability, and lower overall operational cost and complexity.” — @Javier Puerta, Oracle’s director of core-technology partner

Database Cloud Service offers elastic database services for application development, test and production deployment. The service delivers an easy to use web console user interface and RESTful API to provision and administer Oracle Database on Oracle Compute Cloud Offerings.

  • DBaaS supports rapid provisioning. Need to spin up a new database real quick? No problem. In fact, if you happen to be using Oracle Database 12c, you can clone an existing database in minutes.
  • DBaaS enhances security. Maintaining each database in a separate container creates a kind of virtual moat, which is an impediment for the bad guys.
  • Automation enables centralized management of all your databases. This is a key feature that isn’t universally available in the DBaaS world.
  • Using Multitenant gives you the agility to clone copies of databases in minutes.
  • Allows true isolation between database tenants.
  • Built-in solid high availability, disaster recovery and security for each tenant database.
  • Enables significant reduction in database sprawl.
  • Innovative container approach facilitates not only deployment, but testing, too.
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Resource : Wikipedia

Database As A Service (DBaaS) Will Be The Breakaway Technology of 2018. Infact leading in markets.

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