Zero cost Cloud architecture for your application

Run your startup at free of cost. Whether you are building a mobile app or web app, here the compiled list of platforms for startups.

Generic discussions among techies/ developers, entrepreneurs and investors be like

How to build a startup with ZERO cost?

— How much does it cost to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
— Can we build an application with zero costs?
— In next 4–6months, we will be having 2000 cumulative users, what will be the approximate investment on architecture?
— Why can’t we start with freemium services for our application instead of complete premium versions?
— Are there any free cloud platforms are available to start building an application?


— DynamoDB


— AWS lambda


— Netlify/ Now /Surge

Image/file hosting

— AWS S3

Image hosting

— Cloudinary



Queues & Cache


Designing and prototyping

— Figma


— Porkbun


— CloudFlare

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